Our Grand Master  9th Dan
Yun Sam Ko

Our Grand Master  9th Dan Yun Sam Ko
Grand Master Yun S. Ko was born on June, 10th 1941 in South Korea on the island of
Cheju. It was there that his parents raised him, his brother, and three sisters.

In 1955, at the age of 14, Grand Master Ko took his first lesson in the art of Tae
Kwon-Do in an outside school known as Chang Moo Kwan.  It was from that moment
forward that Grand Master Ko committed himself fully to the martial arts, and
continued training daily, no matter the weather conditions, along side his peers and
seniors until the day he graduated high school.

After high school, it was off to the Navy where he served for three years; and in that
time, was responsible for training the Marine Corp in the art of Tae Kwon-Do. He
then studied one year in Japan and graduated in 1967. While in Japan, he trained at
the Yo-Yo-Ki Karate School in Tokyo for one year.
While in college, Grand Master Ko trained under Dr. Yoon, the Jido Kwan president,
and was the TKD Club Instructor as well as the head instructor at Yong San Jido
Kwan School, teaching TKD before and after classes.

By 1967, Grand Master Ko had his own Branch School, Shin Chon Jido Kwan, and
trained several national champions before leaving Korea to start a new life in

Searching for a better opportunity for his wife and family of three, Grand Master Ko
immigrated to the United States in 1976 and began teaching Tae Kwon-Do at
Princeton Community College in Illinois. After a semester of teaching, he moved his
family to Indiana and shortly after opened a school in Columbus, Indiana.
Starting out with a student base of 25 to 30 students, Grand Master Ko worked day
and night trying to build a life for his family teaching the art that won him over as
a young boy, hoping he too could impact the life's of others through the teaching of
Tae Kwon-Do.

Through his years of training hard in poor conditions, Grand Master Ko was able to
face the challenges and long hours of dedication required in starting a new
school, and his hard work still continues...

The following are the numerous achievements of Grand Master Ko:

* 1965 - 1st Place Asian Karate Championship Middle Weight Division                               
* 1966 - College Team Championship (Captain)

* 1967 - WTF Certified Master Instructor                                                                              
* 1971 - Committee of Referees of the Korean TKD Association

* 1972 - Outstanding Instructor of the Year                                                                            
* 1973 - WTF Research & Development Committee

* 1976 - 7th  degree black belt Kukkiwon                                                                               
* 1977 - International Referee

* 1981 - 8th degree black belt Jidokwan                                                                                 
* 1992 - 9th degree black belt Jidokwan

* 2000 - 9th degree black belt Kukkiwon                                                                               
* 2010 - Member of the WTF Education Committee

* 2012 - Member of the WTF Advisory Committee
                      Over 55 years Taekwondo practice/teaching and training.