Evening Class
Teaching by Instilling Self Defense  
and a Sense of Security

Our Taekwondo Instructors teaches the importance of both
physical and mental conditioning by building up their students self
confidence, self respect, and self discipline. The dance like rhythm
of this incredible art, especially during form practice, is a pleasure
to watch. Where free sparring, punches and kicks are pulled and
good technique is shown; moreover, this is not to be a bloody
street brawl. After workout, not only does one's heartbeat and
breathing rate need to be slowed, but also one's spirit needs to be
calmed through meditation.
Although knowing valuable self defense skills generates a
tremendous sense of security, the true martial artist should be
able to walk away from potential threatening situations without a
loss of self esteem; moreover, ego gratification is never required.
Ultimately, the sound mind in a sound body.

We will give you a proven formula for success in
every area of your life! It is time for the doubting to
stop, and for you to Start our evening classes are
held Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday from 6:00pm
until 7:00pm for ages 5 and up. We offer to
everyone two free trial classes so dress in loose
comfortable clothing.